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Why BYM?

High quality, competitive cost, timely delivery, and reliable service provided by us to our customers are major reasons that the business relationship can be harmoniously maintained and continuously strengthened in a long term at BYM. Meanwhile in our contract manufacturing business, we fully understand our customers’ concern about the intellectual property (IP) protection so that we keep their IP with even higher confidentiality than ours.


We were certified with ISO 9001:2000 in August 2001, ISO/TS 16949:2002 in February 2005, and ISO 14000:2004 in December 2008. And our quality record in 2013 with the Top 10 customers all stayed within 50PPM. Quality is guaranteed with “Made by BYM”.


Internally with our outstanding design wemake our products as well as manufacturing processes at high efficiency; with our ERP system we put all our manufacturing resources under lean management. Externally with the most mature supply chain of motor components and tooling locally in China we can offer our customers at competitive prices.


Again as we benefit from our efficient and complete supply chain as well as our lean manufacturing process, we always deliver to our customers on time per our commitment. Moreover with our strong internal coordination and effective support from suppliers we’re flexible enough to meet some urgent delivery requirement of our OEM customersdue to their changing market needs which can often happen all over the world.


We provide full service to our customers throughout the whole business process, including engineering consultation, import or export, logistics support, consignment inventory, aftersales service etc.
In quite some cases, the motor was just like a black box with too many unknown factors to its end users. How to assist them to rapidly parameterize or optimize the applications of this black box was always a good opportunity for us to bring our added value to our customers who can maximally reduce their own development risk and time and then cost accordingly.


With our one decade global business experience, we’ve witnessed so many unsuccessful cooperation cases due to the breach of the IP by the contract manufacturers. Fundamentally BYM was born and grown with “gene” loyal to its customers, employees, and suppliers. Always with loyalty and transparency to our customers indeed makes them comfortable and confident by keeping their business in BYM.


Whether you are a company Buyer, Outsourcing Manager, Engineer, Production Manager or Marketing/Product Manager, please remember BYMwho stands ready to help with a new custom engineered motor, reverse engineered motor design to reduce costs, improve quality, and improve service or to resolve delivery issues. This service is from a supply partner you can trust and rely on to keep your production lines running.


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